The Queen Has Died

Today a very sad thing happened in the world, Queen Elizabeth II of England has died. We all knew she would not live forever, but I guess I never really considered that there would be a time and place where she wouldn’t be a part of the world.

I’ve always been quite curious of the Royal Family. I am supposedly related to Princess Diana on my mother’s side, I haven’t found her yet, the regular everyday people being just as, if not more interesting than any famous person who might linger amongst my people.

But as far as the Queen was concerned, the older she became, the more I seemed to like her. She was a lot like you and I, she was this pillar of sanity and common sense with a bunch of crazy kids. Who couldn’t relate?

But she seemed like a beautiful soul who had exquisite taste in jewelry and clothes (I’ll miss her bright colors that she wore so people could see her in the crowd).

Below I’ll share my all-time favorite meme one last time (it’s referencing the 4th of July). She was a wonderful servant for Britain, and may she Rest in Peace.

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