About Me


Greetings and welcome to my family history journey!

They say the third time’s the charm, and it was my third time of seriously working on my family tree when I finally became obsessed.  I will confess that the availability of information on the internet has really helped me get “sucked in”, but I’ve probably said to myself a million times, I wish that it had stuck the second time because at that time my grandma was still alive and I have so many questions for her now. Well, in all honestly both grandma’s were still alive.

In August of 2016, I decided to Google “genealogy”, or maybe it was “family tree”, it was one of the two (or possibly both), but I discovered FamilySearch.org.  I threw in a few names and then I found that same grandmother’s lineage went back quite a few generations, I think all the way back to the 1400s.

I don’t add people on to my own personal tree until I’ve verified each person and find enough information on them to say, yeah, they are my people.  I remember when I discovered that my great-great-great-great-great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War, at the battle of Yorktown even, and saw Cornwallis surrender to George Washington (oh, I should note I share a birthday with George Washington so he is my hero, and it was thrilling to know I had a direct line descendant there).

I have discovered facts and learned of people I never knew existed, and to me, it is so incredibly fascinating that I don’t understand how my own relatives can roll their eyes when I share my excitement.  For every detail that makes me do a fist pump in the air is another story that makes me just sit there and cry.

This is my attempt at publishing my discoveries with relatives far and wide as I learn new events about all the branches of my family tree.  If you happen to be related to Andrew Jackson Blair or Bertha Childers of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Charles Jackson Morgart or Margaret Wise, also of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, James Fairhurst, and Phoebe Boone, originally of Leigh, England, Mildred Laura Dunbar, originally of Potter County, Pennsylvania, then you may learn new facts about your relatives as they are all my great-grandparents whom I look forward to sharing with you!

Another goal is to share tips on how to begin your own family search for those who are interested in learning about where they came from in this big world (that is much smaller than we think).

Lastly, I hope to share overall history with you (probably older because I find it to be more exciting than the latest happenings) and books I’ve read that are history based.  I always found that the best history teachers I had were the ones that made history fun and come alive (it’s easier to remember the facts and events that way).  Those were the teachers that helped mold me into the history geek that I am today.

I hope you will be entertained while I share my ancestral finds with you on my public family history journey.