52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, My Family Tree

Week 49: Homemade

When it comes to the holidays most of our food is all made from scratch, except maybe rolls, but even for a couple of years I made those homemade as well (until I realized I was getting in the way of my husband, who normally makes the turkey at Thanksgiving, or the ham at Christmas).

My job was making the cookies and the pies. So far this year that hasn’t happened as I was diagnosed as a diabetic, so where I would have started cookies a weekend or two ago, I was pushing temptation off until the end. And no cut outs this year as they are my kryptonite. I was making peanut blossoms with the cherry cordial Hershey kisses (as I am not a huge cherry fan) and was going to make Russian tea cakes for my daughter (and I’m not a huge fan of nuts).

As for pies – my daughter asked if I could make cherry pie this year for something different, I said sure because I don’t need to create temptation by making my Dutch Apple Pie anyhow, so I figured this year we could have cherry and pumpkin pie (have I mentioned I don’t like pumpkin either? Yes, I’m one of those weird, picky eaters).

But alas, we were recently diagnosed with Covid – so now none of them are being made because though I’m fortunate to have been vaccinated, I still have what feels like a bad cold (which is what I thought it was because I ALWAYS get a cold in December – countless choir concerts with laryngitis).

So here are photos of cookies and pies past – all made from scratch (well, Libby’s canned pumpkin does help with it). I know the drop sugar cookies were a recipe of my great-grandmother, Mildred Laura Dunbar. The Dutch Apple pie was one my mom made, not sure if it was passed down but I know it was good (I’m not a pie person, but I love this pie). The cut-out cookies may have been from a family member, I know I switched to a Taste of Home recipe because what my mom made wasn’t coming out right anymore and the Taste of Home was so yummy (and had sour cream like the drop sugar cookies, the icing recipe is included). The peanut blossoms were from the church I went to when I grew up, Northampton United Methodist Women’s cookbook.

I will admit I may cheat in many other ways of cooking, but when it comes to desserts, they must be homemade. Store bought doesn’t cut it and hasn’t for some time. Especially with chocolate chip cookies – those must be homemade (it is my all-time favorite cookie).

Who knows, maybe I’ll get something made before Christmas is officially here, and maybe I can spare a cookie or two.

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