Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year Everyone!

I took the time and wrote down all the people who had just a year or the month of January as a birth or death date in my software (as they all came up as having a birthday or such on December 31) so I could try to find better records. I used a steno book and if memory serves it took 4 pages back and front. Way too many.

I also ran the potential problems report, which was just 2 pages and I fixed them quickly (page 2 had just 2 people on it). Many were transposed numbers – like I had a person dying in 1894 instead of his rightful year of 1984 (which was really bad since he was also born at some point in the 1900’s) or that a child was born more than 25 years after the parents were married, there isn’t a whole lot I can do to change that.

I hope each and every one of you brought the new year in safe and happy, and I look forward to reading about all your genealogical finds over the course of the next year.

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