JAB Project Solutions, LLC

Juggling all the branches, so you don’t have too!

The title of my blog, “Helping History Come Alive” is my mission in life and in business, I truly want to make history real for everyone! History tells us so much about ourselves and is so intertwined with our lives, more than we realize, be it where we live, or our family history. My goal is to help individuals and organizations find and spread their history.

As a longtime History Geek, I have decided to take my skills to the next step by helping others discover their family history. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me and we can set up a free consultation to discover your ancestors or if you are a fellow genealogist or the head of a historical organization what tasks I can help you with to allow you to focus on other objectives.

My Talents

  • Genealogy Research
  • Document Retrieval
  • Email Management
  • Calendar Maintenance
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Bulk Mailings
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Volunteer Hour Tracking
  • Website Updates/Creation

I have various options for your success ~


Contact me and let’s discuss how I can assist you. For records retrieval in Northeast Ohio, my rate is negotiable. For a genealogist/organization it could be a way to test the waters.

5 Hours for $175

A “try me” package to assist someone who has been researching a while with their brick wall. For genealogists & organizations this would be great for monthly administrative needs.

10 Hours for $300

Wanting to do a basic tree as a gift for someone, depending on the level of difficulty this may be a nice package to make a great gift. For organizations this would be optimal for small events.

20 Hours for $500

You want to know it all! (Well, that will take more than 20 hours, but this is a good start). For organizations this would be nice for assistance with a project (maybe 2 depending on its scope).

Let’s talk!

I’m happy to meet with you in person (if you live in the Northeast Ohio area) or virtually via Zoom, Skype, or Face Time! Please contact me through the message box below. I promise to get back to you within 1 business day.